Subsea Services

Monaplix Energy is a specialist in subsea construction and removal services, catering to offshore operations. Our areas of expertise include inspection, preventive maintenance and repair, commissioning and decommissioning. We specifically work on subsea operations for the oil and gas industry.

Over the years, we have actively offered offshore services, whereby efficiency and safety are our primary concern.

We have a wide base of in-house teams that specialize in project engineering, management, diving and ROV. Offshore, we offer construction services for the laying down and management of projects, installation of spools, pipeline protection, risers, domes and subsea trees. We also help our customers tie in umbilicals and correct seabed spans.

Diving and ROV
Our diving systems are of topnotch quality and comply fully with the highest standards in offshore operations. They are employed in all diving activities, from platforms to ROV tankers. We have a variety of saturation diving systems required for nitrox, air and mixed gas explorations. We also have diving support vessels deployed in Africa to support our local oil and gas industry. These high-performance vessels are designed to facilitate subsea construction, maintenance and repair of subsea modules.

Subsea Infrastructure Maintenance and Repair
We execute our maintenance and repair commissions with first class auxiliary facilities and service vessels to prevent corrosion in operating areas. Relative to the project requirements, we have a specialized, highly trained unit for underwater deployment. They are very much capable to provide services such as inspection of pipelines, subsea modules, jackets and monopoles, as well as troubleshooting services. For offshore modules that are difficult to reach, we offer rope access as additional service.