Fuel & Petroleum Products

Monaplix Energy is a major player in the supply of fuel and petroleum products in West Africa — one of the only few with an extensive international network and product coverage. Applying industry best practices, we leverage our supply chain expertise in the delivery of various petroleum products, providing energy for transportation, manufacturing, offices and residences.

We pride ourselves for our extensive logistics and storage capabilities worldwide. We are able to store and move fuel products anywhere in the world, wherever there is a requirement. As a company, we keep our eye out for macro and micro trends; and, as physical distributor, we have first-hand experience and information on economic principles as they are played out on ground.

In the fuel market, we maximize our scale and capabilities to properly stabilize supply and demand, and meet the varying needs of customers. We source fuel and petroleum products from different counter parties, which include publicly listed production companies, and public or private oil refiners. We also offer trading solutions for oil producers and help refineries by offering logistics and consultation services. Our specialists are equipped with a strong technical know how. This, coupled with our thorough understanding of the market, enables us to identify and foresee potential challenges and respond to an ever-changing fuel landscape. We follow correspondence between customers in the oil and gas industry, energy markets and government representatives across our areas of operation.