Agro Allied Services

Monaplix Agro Allied Services is fully commitment to the agricultural sector of Nigeria. Agriculture remains the mainstay of the generality of Nigerians though largely at the subsistence level. We believe that agriculture is the future of the economy and we aim to help boost Nigeria's agriculture potential in line with the Government’s Agricultural Transformation Agenda.

Our business activities include oil palm cultivation, oilseed crushing, edible oils refining, specialty fats, oleochemicals, biodiesel and fertiliser manufacturing. At the core of Monaplix’s strategy is an integrated agribusiness model that encompasses the entire value chain of the agricultural commodity business, from cultivation, processing, merchandising to manufacturing of a wide range of agricultural products.

We are also into exportation of agricultural products to countries outside Nigeria. Some of the products we source to export include Shea Nuts, Cashew Nuts, Cocoa, Ginger, Bitter Kola and Sesame Seeds. All of these products have their various markets and seasons of growth and sales. We have a large warehouse which can serve as a proper storage facility for our export products before they are sent to their necessary destinations.