Our Top Priority

All our business activities are governed by stringent QHSE principles designed to assure best practice and compliance across our operations. It is the policy of Monaplix Energy to provide the highest quality equipment and services.

We recognise that client satisfaction depends on the quality of service that we provide, and to this end, we work hard to ensure our performance exceeds our customers' expectations. In addition to the fulfillment of our regulatory requirements we practice the following objectives in close co-operation with our customers, suppliers and distributors


Monaplix Energy is committed to providing best quality service that meets the demands of client and satisfaction of our valued customers in our field of operations. We are also committed to adopt the tenets of the ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management system standard where each individual has a responsibility to ensure continual improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system. In achieving this fit, we have on parade a team of highly trained and motivated professionals with internationally recognised certifications the industry can offer.


At Monaplix Energy, safety is a deeply held value, integral to honesty, integrity and respect to people. We do not compromise safety regardless our current business climate. No matter what is urgent or how our business priorities are changing, we do not compromise safety for the sake of anything else. We encourage and rewards safety leadership and safety culture. Monaplix Energy believes that successful productive venture is quite unthinkable without safety integration.


It is Monaplix Energy’s policy that all activities shall be planned and executed in a manner that preserves the health and total well being of her staffs and other stakeholders.


Monaplix Energy planned and execute her operation in such a manner as to minimise any adverse effect of impact on the environment in which we operate. We value our environment since it’s the only source of provision for man and our health is a reflection of the environment we have. Every decision and action that promotes the beauty and integrity of the environment is encouraged and rewarded accordingly within the Monaplix Energy’s community.

We also encourage any decision that tends to preserves the integrity, stability and beauty of our environment. Monaplix Energy is in total support of a search for profit and benefits that puts environmental consideration above all other consideration.