Offshore Supply Vessels

Monaplix Energy is an international provider of Offshore Support Vessels, Subsea Operations and Marine Crew, with structured focus on the West African market. We control a modern fleet of several fully or jointly owned and leased support vessels designed for different purposes. We offer marine transportation and logistics services to upstream, midstream and downstream operators in the petroleum sector.

We are a widely recognized leader in the provision of offshore construction and logistical support. While our current marine operations are in West Africa, we are working to expand our reach to other global territories. Our services are highly flexible, and range from arrangements in vessel sharing, startup drilling support, production support, offshore and pipe-lay construction, marine crew contracting services and wide scale crude oil and petroleum product transport management.

Our high-performance, state of the art vessels are especially designed for international operations, to support drilling units and the mobilization of supplies and machinery used in oil and gas production, maintenance and operations. They are equipped with technologically advanced safety features, to prevent accidents in any kind of offshore operation. Specifically, we offer vessels that are built with integrated heavy weather launch or recovery systems, emergency evacuation features and Remote Operating Vehicle (ROV) functionalities. Over the years, we have perfected deep water handling operations with dedicated units that can withstand even the most hostile weather conditions. We also have heavy load vessels that can carry more than a thousand ton worth of cargo, and installed with cranes, pipe-laying equipment and high volume cabin.

Moreover, our experienced offshore support teams have all the necessary technical knowledge to conduct effective and safe inspection, installation and project management services. Our competitive strengths are anchored on our capability to provide the most efficient combination of personnel, track record and suitable assets, vessels and tankers to offer a solution to our customers’ offshore rigging, construction and logistics challenges.