Manpower Provision & Administration

Monaplix Energy Services provides full manpower services to Oil & Gas companies, both for downstream and upstream operations and preventive maintenance. We have an extensive database of both local and foreign skilled and qualified industry personnel for immediate deployment, in support of customers’ technical, professional, administrative and operational requirements. These talents within our wide network of resources enable us to meet even the most discriminating staffing requirements with high amount of professionalism.

Our Manpower Sourcing team is dedicated to help customers execute projects successfully, by engaging the right talents at the right time, within the shortest period, and at competitive rates.

Offshore Crewing
Monaplix Energy Services provides the experience, equipment, management systems, and network to offer offshore crewing services on a global scale. This includes the specialised crew recruiting and training facilities needed to meet and to uphold the high standards required in the offshore industry. Experience, expertise, and resources make Monaplix Energy Services a reliable and efficient partner to support clients planning to enter this segment, as well as existing offshore operators – owning single vessels or large fleets.

Drilling Staff
Our skilled drillers have solid experience in moving, establishing and operating drilling and well equipment for oil, gas and mineral explorations. We can help you find the best drilling foremen or superintendents, surveyors, mechanics, deck supervisors, pump men, rig mechanics and roustabouts.

Refinery or Petrochemical Staff
As an international oil and gas sourcing company, we understand how the refinery and petrochemical industry has grown to be more complex and competitive than ever. It is with this knowledge that we provide skilled staff that are guaranteed to help customers meet their targets, despite the growing market competition. We have refinery and plant operators, oil technicians and coil tubers ready to be deployed.

Production and Maintenance Staff
Production and maintenance workers close off the exploration process and deliver the end product, making them highly valuable. Our manpower resource consists of gas plant, fracturing and wireline operators and technicians.